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Essay on There Is a Fine Line Between Reality and Illusion

‘There is a fine line between reality and illusion’ How can we distinguish between reality and illusion? Is reality an illusion, or is an illusion simply reality? Albert Einstein once stated that ‘reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’. The statement suggests that what we interpret to be real may well be an illusion and this is evidenced mainly through dreams and aspirations. For example if someone has dreamt of one day being a doctor their reality, which is described as the state of things that actually exist, shifts or changes in order for that idea to become real. Reality is tangible while illusion is a faculty or activity of imagination. What may be reality for one person may be an illusion for another and this†¦show more content†¦Blanche DuBois from ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ has a similar reaction to her reality. Her reality is that she has lost the love of her life to suicide, no longer remains a teacher and does not own any assets as she has lost the property known as B elle Reve. In order to endure her life Blanche rejects her reality and manipulates it with lies, makeup and lighting in order to hide from the truth. ‘I don’t want realism I want magic’, Blanche desires for a life of pure happiness and excitement, however her imagination is indistinguishable from her reality and the series of lies and dimmed lights soon begin to fade as she is met with Stanley Kowalski. Stanley Kowalski, a brutish and arrogant realist finds it difficult to understand Blanche’s reality. Unlike Blanche, Stanley needs reassurance that what he knows is perfectly real and reliable. In the play the two characters continuously disagree with each other and eventually Stanley’s animalistic behavior threatens Blanche’s safety. Blanche and Stanley are a great example of how one individual’s reality is different to another’s, these conflicting ideas and perceptions of life occur often between people and have been proven t o cause disagreement. People around us have great influence of how we perceive things although there are other major influences that contribute to our perceptions for instance the media. The media has brought forward many deceiving images of models and famous Hollywood stars. These images ofShow MoreRelatedOPTICAL ILLUSIONS: The Art of Deception of Perception Essay1709 Words   |  7 PagesWhat is an optical illusion? For most of us, the term brings to mind images of a unique arrangement of vibrant contrasting colors, and geometric shapes that deceive the eye, and violates our expectations in a myriad of ways â€Å"about representation, about shape, about color, and so forth†(Sekel). Figure 1 is one common example of this definition. In this image the circles appear to be expanding when in fact the image is static. Another example of an optical illusion would be ClaudeRead MoreLangston Hughes Poetry Analysis Essay1287 Words   |  6 PagesArt is the illusion in which we see the truth- Pablo Picasso Langston Hughes clearly connects with a wide range of audiences through the simplicity that surrounds his poetry. The beauty of this manner in which he wrote his poetry, is that it grasp people by illustrating his narratives of the common lifestyles experienced by the current American generation. His art form expresses certain questionable ideologies of life and exposes to the audience what it takes to fully comprehend what being anRead MoreMiss Brill Illusion Vs Reality1537 Words   |  7 Pages The mind creates a world of illusion, by changing our thoughts; we change the illusion, and experience a different reality. If we say that a real thing is something that always exists, with no gaps, then the outside world is not real. Katherine Mansfield captures the theme of illusion vs. reality in her short story â€Å"Miss Brill† the main character Miss Brill is fascinated with the surprise of having an almond in her honey cake. The almond symbolizes how Miss Brill sees herself in society as theRead MoreEssay on The Great Gatsby1605 Words   |  7 Pagestruth. To the majority of the society, the reality is an illusion that they create in their minds. The characters, events, setting, symbols and imagery contribute to establishing this theme. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Myrtle Wilson, a woman of ludicrous ostentation, yearns to escape her class to enter the higher ranks. She believes a marriage to Tom Buchanan will relieve her of this lower status. Myrtle is obsessed by appearances and unaware of realities, as is shown in her excessive concern ofRead MoreWhat Is Art?. R. James Essay724 Words   |  3 Pagesart? He emphasizes that cricket is art, and not mere entertainment: â€Å"It is a game and we have to compare it with other games. It is an art and we have to compare with other arts.† (p. 417) He distinguishes between the images of the fine arts and the images of cricket: â€Å"whereas in the fine arts the image of tactical values and movement, however, effective, however, magnificent, is permanent, fixed, in cricket the spectator sees the images constantly rec-reacted, and whether he is a cultivated orRead MoreEssay on The Simpsons Up Close and Personal938 Words   |  4 PagesThe Simpsons Up Close and Personal There is a fine line that exists in TV land that had never been crossed until The Simpsons graced the television sets of over one million Americans. This sitcom has become one of the most popular television programs in America. Is it because The Simpsons is a cartoon? My answer is yes! This show is able to sneak through the wormholes of TV land because it is a cartoon. People are overlooking the underlying issues conveyed through the characters becauseRead MoreWillys Tragic Flaw and the Effect it Has Upon his Sons in Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller1510 Words   |  7 Pagesof the play, Willy Loman, will follow a tragic trajectory that will eventually lead to his suicide. Arthur Millers tragic play is an accurate portrayal of the typical American myth that sustains an extreme craving for success and a belief in the illusion of the American dream, a dream attainable only by a handful of people. Having chosen a career in sales Willy Loman constantly aspires to become great . Nevertheless, Willy is a poor aging salesman that considers himself to be a failure when comparingRead MoreCosi by Louis Nowra - Text Analysis Essay1992 Words   |  8 Pagestransformation, the significance of art and music in life, and the therapeutic nature of theatre. The predominant theme which runs through ‘Cosi’ is one of love and fidelity, and the opera ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ parallels these ideas by following a similar story line, particularly in the way Guglielmo and Ferrando’s acts of deception in ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ are somewhat connected to Nick and Lucy’s betrayal of Lewis in ‘Cosi’. It is a clear example of life imitating art as the drama in the opera matches Lewis’ challengesRead MoreBiography of Agustin Recha Mora655 Words   |  3 Pagesin 1967 and he is teaching as a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bilbao since 1979. Recha Mora has been into a lot of contests and he has won many awards. Most of his work was for a reason, which is to show the importance of the loss. In this report, I will be analyzing the form, content and context of one of his works which is called Street towards Plaza Ercilla Moyà ºa and showing the intentions of Recha Mora. To begin with the line, we can see that the artist used one point perspective inRead MoreMacbeth Appearance Vs Reality1747 Words   |  7 Pagesattempt to be someone he is not, his reality will eventually show up at last. This is precisely what occurs in William Shakespeare s play, Macbeth. Via Macbeth, William Shakespeare exploits the idea that individuals are two faced. Most people inhibit false traits, in order to get one step closer to their ultimate goal. Shakespeare expresses this idea very well by revolving his play around the central theme of appearance v.s. reality. The subject of appearance v.s. reality is vital to the Shakespearean

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Misconceptions about Human Behavior in To Kill a...

How do we define normal human behavior? In order to determine the answer we must first determine what behavior really is, the conclusion is easy enough to reach: Human behavior derives from reactions to internal or external stimuli (Salvador); these reactions bring about emotions that dictate a particular response or behavior. These become part of a person’s personality, which defines their behavior, due to this, a person’s behavior is able to adapt to the stimuli with their environment and thus the definition of â€Å"normal behavior† is in a state of constant flux. What remains to be determined is when does a person’s behavior go beyond the accepted norms of society and begin to reflect a mental illness. Though it is a work of fiction, this†¦show more content†¦However the reason for bringing her into this essay is simple, she shows a clear picture of current medicinal practices working to benefit the patient, while One Flew Over The Cuckoo†™s Nest was written in the early 1960’s it has relevant points to misdiagnoses that cannot be ignored. These points refer not only to the interjected opinion of doctors based on either bias or personal experiences, but malpractice and the use of out dated treatments. Oliver Sacks writes about his personal experience with Temple Grandin. Grandin was able to gain a relatively good amount of control over her autism though she still suffered from certain developmental traits or a lack of adjustment to social customs. Although Temple was diagnosed at the age of three with autism she is an accomplished woman, Sacks writes â€Å"she had moved from this almost unintelligible childhood†¦to the successful biologist and engineer†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Sacks 255). Despite this, there was a lack of adjustment in the sense that she did not fully comprehend the necessity of proper greetings or human contact. Sacks describes his first encounter with Temple and how she failed to notice or tak e into consideration his long travel and need for refreshments. While he tried to wait patiently for an offer, there was none, and after an hour of waiting, he asked Temple for coffee. He says there was no apology, â€Å"no socialShow MoreRelatedHarper Lee s Kill A Mockingbird 1331 Words   |  6 Pages Some things in life are not actually what they seem. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, certain characters are judged by their external appearance rather than who they really are on the inside. The novel displays that an impeded point of view can cause an individual to perceive things completely different than they what actually are. Throughout the novel, the main character, Scout, has many illusions which ultimately prove to be false. During Scout’s maturation process, she learnsRead MoreSocial Inequality : Bullying, Racism, And Appearance Inequality1541 Words   |  7 Pagesthousands that orbit this world like moons around a planet. There have been a manif old of efforts in order to raise awareness about these problems. Social inequality can never be erased from people s lives like marker on a whiteboard, but such efforts including newspapers, songs, movies, books, and many more can be used as proactive tools to inform today s people about the kinds of persecutions that exist in this world. We may not be able to stop it, but we can slow it down. One of the mostRead MoreDiscrimination and Prejudice in United States History2772 Words   |  12 Pagespassed in the southern states after the Civil War since African-Americans were no longer detained against their will as slaves. (Osborne 3) In the same period, Harper Lee wrote the novel TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. She saw the need to illustrate the discrimination of the 1930‘s, letting the world know of the racist behavior in the southern town of Maycomb. Throughout the novel, the reader sees the narrow-mindedness of the towns citizens. One of two residents of Maycomb committed to racial equality is named

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Women’s Roles in Leadership Positions Free Essays

The Dynamics of Women’s Roles in Leadership Delora Murphy Wingate University Abstract The roles of women have been evolving for the last 100 years. Many women have shattered the stereotype that a women’s role is to be in charge of the family and have become leaders in a walks of life. Women have proved that they can be effective as business and government leaders. We will write a custom essay sample on Women’s Roles in Leadership Positions or any similar topic only for you Order Now Although there are still gender biases that can exist, it is much move covert then it was 40 years ago. Oddly enough, some of the characteristics that have been viewed as the most necessary for leadership in roles of men, those same traits were viewed as negative characteristics of women in leadership roles. The role of the women has been evolving for many decades. In times, way before my own, a woman’s role was to be the caregiver for her family. Although women, many have sought out an education, their main lifetime focus to be to support her husband and raise her children. Many women still choose this role today, but the point is that now they are allowed to choose a specific pathway in life rather than being forced to carry out established roles. This change of women’s roles has been occurring in the United States for the last hundred years. Although this may seem like a long period of time, it is not. When roles are changed or reversed, this does not necessarily mean that everyone instantly converts to the new ideas and philosophies demonstrated by a group. Often times, there is a great deal of protest both within the changing group as well as those outside of the group. Despite the evolved roles of women in society, women still face many challenges in leadership positions. There are qualities that women possess that seem to help them rise to the top echelon of leadership positions, but there are still biases that exist that may inhibit women from reaching their goals. Women won the right to vote in the 1920’s; however, it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the â€Å"Women’s Movement† began. Granted women’s roles had been changing for 40 years prior to the Women’s Movement, it was clear that this was not a natural evolution. Many people, both men and women, challenged the idea of a woman as an independent, productive citizen. Many women were ready to be seen and valued differently, but just because a group wants to be seen differently, does not mean that that is going to happen. This is usually the pivotal moment for most movements in History. A group seeks changes that others are adverse to seeing happen. The women’s movement called for fundamental changes in the roles of women. No longer did women want to be seen as the caregiver of the home, they wanted to be seen as independent people who could make important decisions and choose their educational and professional pathways. Today, in the United States of America, women are on a more equal footing with men in most cases: often by necessity, where women cannot complete in the workplace for jobs that were one traditionally held my men, also in light of two –parent working households. Although most career and professional opportunities are open to women in this country, there are still major discrepancies in the leadership positions that women hold. Among the US population 25 and above, 34 percent of women have obtained a Bachelor’s degree compared with 30 percent of men. Of Graduate degree’s held, women dominate that group with 39 percent of Graduate Degrees being held by men. Versus 21% percent, which are held by men. It would be appropriate after viewing these statistics, that one could assume that women hold the same, if not more, of the top leadership positions in business and politics, but this, in fact, is not the case. Forbes Magazine (2011) created and published a study with an emphasis breakdown on women’s roles in top leadership positions. Only 6 percent of Fortune 100 CEO’s are women †¢ Only 8 percent of technology startup companies are lead by women †¢ Only 9 percent of contributors on Wikipedia are women †¢ Women account for only a tenth of the voting power on the words’ key interest rates †¢ Only 13 percent of the top 100 billionaires worldwide are women †¢ Only 15 percent of senior industry management positions belong to women. †¢ Less than 18 percent of Congressional seats are held by women. Clearly, this poses a question about why women are still not sharing equal roles with men in the top leadership positions in this country. There are many different reasons for these statistics. One reason for this â€Å"leadership gap† is that women just don’t ask. This idea is explored by Babcock and Laschever (2007) in the book Women Don’t Ask by Babcock and Laschever. When Babcock questioned many graduate male students were teaching their own course while women were taking on the roles of assistants, her dean stated, † More men ask. The women just don’t ask. † It turns out, that women are just more likely than men to ask for promotions or raises. This may be due to the facts that some women aren’t aware they should be asking and other women are fearful or damaging relationships. One interesting point to note is that a leadership characteristic that is identified differently in men and women is aggression. Many people positively define aggression as a positive leadership trait in men, but that exact same trait is viewed as negative in a women. Therefore, a women many sense that being aggressive may cause more harm than good when trying to obtain a high level position. Research published by Northhouse in his book Leadership, has also shown that women are more likely to take a passive role in obtaining leadership positions. They are more reluctant to be assertive in asking for positions, and try to obtain those roles through relationships and opportunity. (p. 357) In essence, it is a â€Å"double edged sword for a woman†. There is also no question that gender stereotypes still exist. Oddly enough, these stereotypes may produce more harm in the 21st century because they are more covert and hard to recognize. The show, Mad Men, shows how women were treated in the workplace. The sexual harassment and belittlement of women was obvious and apparent. Women were expected to fill certain roles in the workplace and men had no issues openly expressing their ideas on women’s roles. Now, there is to be no such divide between genders. In fact, gender discrimination is breaking the law, so no longer can discrimination exist in any work place. However, this does not mean that these biases and feelings don’t exist. On the contrary, there may be many people who feel like women are not capable of performing certain tasks, but because gender discrimination is illegal, these ideas are not openly shared, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Despite these things, many women have found success in the political and work setting. Interestingly, Dominance, aggression and assertiveness are not viewed as positive traits in women leaders, but these are the traits most people would identify with the top echelon leaders of the world, both politically and financially. So, what are some of the attributes that are seen in successful women? Five characteristics that most successful women share are: determination, resourcefulness, ambition, confidence, and the ability to create a maintain relationships. A successful woman is determined to have it all and make things work. At www. Successful Women. com, a guest writer describes the attributes of successful women†¦ determination, resourcefulness, engagement, ambition and confidence. Determination means having a strategic plan to accomplish a goal and now allowing anything or anyone to get in the way of that goal. True leaders know their best resource is in the hearts and minds of the people they are leading. There’s not much more that causes distrust then a leader who claims to know everything about everything. A good leader must be able to be resourceful and find answers and solutions quickly. There is no question that ambition plays a large role in the making of a successful female leader. Women without ambition rarely achieve greatness. Queen Elizabeth I gave up the chance at a family (and had her own sister imprisoned) in order to rule England. Susan B. Anthony and many other suffragettes risked being ostracized and thrown in jail in order to spread the message of women’s equality. Throughout history, the most successful women have been willing to take control of their own lives and do whatever was necessary to reach their goals. Probably the most important character trait of a female leader is confidence. Of course, it is imperative for someone to have the skills, but most people will argue that confidence is the key to becoming a successful leader. Imagine trying to get a group to follow someone who lacks self-confidence and shows fear for a task. A leader with confidence acts with decisiveness and passion, which cause subordinates to feel like they can count on their leader. Another key trait is the ability to create and maintain appropriate professional relationships. Women must show enough empathy so that their subordinates feel supported, but not too much emotion as to get over involved with ones co workers, colleagues or subordinates. This is the â€Å"make it or break it† trait for many female leaders. People seem to be more conscious of the relationship that a women has with her subordinates. If a woman is seen as too empathetic, these may be seen as a weakness. If a women seems void of emotion, people may not feel comfortable or like they are able to â€Å"fit in†. Women’s roles have been evolving for over 100 years. The road has been paved for a woman to make decisions about the course she chooses to live her life. The roadblocks for women have been moved out of the way. Regardless of gender biases that may still exist, a woman can be whatever she chooses to be. This does not meet that the leadership role is easy. For men and women alike, begin an effective leader is challenging ad requires special and specific characteristics to be effective. References Deborah Morrehead (2007). 9 Qualities of Smart, Successful Women. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. debramoorhead. com/blog/index. php/9-qualities-of-smart-successful-women/. Last Accessed 15 October 2012]. Denise Trauth (2002). The Changing Roles of Women. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. txstate. edu/news/news_releases/news_archive/2002/10/roleofwomen102102. html. [Last Accessed 8 October 2011]. Guest (2010). Five Characteristics of Successful Women. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. asuccessfulwoman. com/aswblog/five-characteristics-succe ssful-women. [Last Accessed October 15 2012]. Katherine W Hawkins, (1995). Effects of Gender Communication Content on Leadership Emergence in Small Task-Oriented Groups. Small Group Research. 26 (2), pp. 234-239 Leslie Bradshaw (2011). Why Women Having A Seat at the Table is not Enough. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www. forbes. com/sites/lesliebradshaw/2011/08/04/why-women-having-a-seat-at-the-table-is-not-enough/. [Last Accessed 15 October 2012]. Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever, (2007). Women Don’t Ask: The High Cost of Avoiding Negotiation and Positive Strategies. 1st ed. New York: Bantam. Jossey Bass Publishers, (2007). Educational Leadership. 2nd ed. San Fransisco, California: Jossey Bass. Peter G Northhouse, (2013). Leadership Theory and Practice. 6th ed. Los Angeles: california: Houghton Mifflin. How to cite Women’s Roles in Leadership Positions, Essay examples

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Women, Development and Disabilities

Introduction In the recent past, education for women and girls has improved remarkably with attempts of achieving equality and giving women their rights being on the increase. However, women and girls continue to face problems in different parts of the world regarding their rights, gender equality and discrimination on the basis of their gender.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Women, Development and Disabilities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Their ability to make decisions and be heard in society continues to decline because of male dominance in the society. In addition, women face economic constraints resulting from unfair inequality. Women with disabilities face more challenges because they are looked at as people who cannot have a positive contribution towards development. This is a wrong perception since denying women equal opportunities with men makes it difficult for poverty reduction strategies to succe ed and hampers efforts of social and economic development. As a result of this unfortunate situation that women find themselves in, many NGOs and advocacy groups have come to fight for women and ensure that they are not discriminated against and that their positive contribution towards development is not interfered with. One such NGO which has been active in ensuring that women get their rights and especially the ones living with disabilities is Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), which is based in Canada . AWID’s Role in Fighting for Women AWID is an international feminist NGO whose focus is to deal with issues of gender equality, ensure that women with disabilities get their rights and work towards sustainable development. Its members include activists, policy makers, practitioners in development, and business people among others. The mission of the organization is to enhance the voice of women in society and influence other organizations that advocate for women ri ghts. AWID believes that women are indispensable in dealing with the problems that the world faces. Their contribution can only be significant if poverty is eradicated and the challenges they face are addressed effectively.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The ultimate goal of the organization is to ensure that women achieve their human rights and enjoy life like other members of the society. To achieve its goals, the organization focuses on certain issues that have been described as affecting women to a great extent. Abuse against Women The first issue affecting women that AWID deals with is abuse against women. One might think that after women come out of the infant stage they are not exposed to serious problems and that their lives start running smoothly. However, they are still faced with the risk of physical abuse after infancy. In virtually all societies, women are susceptible to p hysical abuse. The consequences are usually severe for women who live in societies that do not value the rights of women .The girls are exposed to greater risks because mothers who are denied their rights do not have the capacity to protect their daughters against abuse perpetrated by the male and other people in authority. Rape cases and abuse against women has been on the increase especially in developing countries. For example, in a country like Ethiopia, research has shown that 45 % of women have gone through physical abuse at some point in their lives. In 1998, cases of women being abused by their intimate partners were on the increase in Palestine (Worldbank, 2011). Physical abuse against women is a retrogressive act that stalls development since it prevents women from contributing positively towards development. In certain societies, rape cases and physical abuse are associated with additional stigma that leaves the victims psychologically and physically traumatized. Some cul tures are characterized by stringent sexual restrictions that define women and are not allowed to make choices regarding who should marry them. In addition, they are supposed to tolerate abusive relationships because walking out of the relationships is considered a shameful act to the society that attracts punitive measures. Extreme cases have been recorded where honor killings are committed as a way of repairing the damaged reputation caused by defiant women.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Women, Development and Disabilities specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More AWID is committed towards ensuring that physical abuse against women is eliminated since this a vice that hinders development. The NGO constantly educates women on their rights and tries to intervene in the societies that think that women have no right to make their choices in life (Worldbank, 2011). Infanticide and Sex-Selective Abortion The second issue r elated to women that AWID tries to address is infanticide and sex-selective abortion. Extreme cases have been recorded where women make the choices of terminating the lives of their baby girls. In some of the most impoverished regions of the world, baby girls are considered to be liabilities. Their mothers decide to end their lives because allowing them to live means exposing them to the suffering they go through themselves. For example, a country like India records a high number of sex-selective abortions as compared to cases of female infanticide. The one-child policy adopted by the government has been associated with the weakening track of the country. Another country that has been experiencing such problems is china where the population control programs of the country have led to killings and neglect of girls. The government has been quoted saying that the declining number of women in the population for the last 20 years can be attributed to sex-selective abortion. This is an is sue that affects development because neglect and elimination of girls from the population implies that people who can contribute positively towards development are eliminated. What such countries should understand is that women can even offer a contribution towards development that cannot be offered by men. AWID has been working hard to ensure that sex-selective abortion does not take place because women have the capacity to influence development positively (ADB, 2011). Forced Labor Another issue that AWID deals with is the problem of forced labor that affects women especially young girls. As women grow up, they have the option of attending school but most of them are driven into forced labor when they are supposed to be in school. According to UNICEF reports, the number of girls who miss out school every year is 10 million times more than that of boys.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While boys continue pursuing their dreams through education, girls are forced to join other women in performing housework. In most developing countries, the housework that women are exposed to comprises of hard physical labor. Some are forced to work from morning till evening without taking breaks. Others are exposed to many risks as they walk for long distances to fetch water and collect firewood. Since most of the societies where women are exposed to forced labor live in poverty, the women do not have appliances to assist them when doing their work. Forcing women into labor instead of allowing them to get education makes it difficult for them to contribute towards development and this is one issue that AWID is committed to fully address and give women a chance to pursue education (ADB, 2011). Women Education Giving women education has been described as one of the ways through which the discrimination against women can be eliminated and give women a chance to contribute positively towards development. When women get educated, they increase the chances of eliminating the bias that is directed towards them by men and other people in authority. Women education starts by eliminating poverty which is a major factor that contributes towards discrimination of women. The basic skills in literacy enable women to get employment opportunities and become self reliant. Research has shown that the possibility of uneducated women living in poverty is twice as much when compared to that of women who are educated. When women stay in school for a longer period of time, they increase their chances of securing good employment and advancing their education. This enables them to avoid the impacts associated with poverty and lack of education. Women who have gone through school usually get married at a later age hence they have the capacity to bring up healthy children and educate them. They also have the knowledge to take care of their children in terms of nutrition and health ser vices. AWID is committed towards ensuring that women get education since educated women have a positive contribution towards development. When they raise healthy families, this implies that resources that would have been directed towards medical expenses are used in developmental projects. AWID emphasizes the fact that educating women is a way of initiating change in the society. Women who go to school and get good jobs raise their statuses in the society. As a result, they can use their status to influence other societal members and initiate development. When women education becomes a cultural norm in many societies, women have the power to defend themselves. Acts like sexual and physical abuse against women can only be fought by women who have the power to speak about their problems fearlessly. Educated women are less likely to suffer from physical abuse and cultural practices like female genital mutilation. In addition, they are able to protect their female children from going th rough the same challenges. Women education is therefore an issue that AWID has been advocating for since education gives women power and the ability to increase their contribution towards development. Evaluating the Work in the Context of Course Readings Most of the issues that AWID deals with can be interpreted in the context of the course readings. To begin with, AWID focuses on eliminating poverty by ensuring that women get education. Lack of education is one of the factors that force women to live in poverty. AWID is also committed towards ensuring that women get their rights since denying them their rights hinders development. These goals of AWID resonate with the goals of the United Nations enable which is focused on ensuring that women get their rights. The United Nations enable pays close attention to women living with disabilities because they are at a high risk of being marginalized. Poverty contributes towards disabilities among women in various ways. For example, women w ho are malnourished and living in dangerous conditions may suffer from various disabilities . According to United Nations enable, women have an important role to play in the achievement of millennium development goals. However, for them to achieve their full potential they must be given the opportunity to acquire education, be free from gender discrimination and access to their rights. This makes them important people when it comes to their participation in development. The issues that are addressed by AWID are all geared towards giving women education, reducing gender discrimination, eliminating violence against women and ensuring that women with disabilities are recognized and given the assistance they need (Chin, 2007). Handling Issues of Race, Gender and Class AWID uses different strategies to handle the issues affecting women. The NGO is aware of the fact women empowerment plays an important role towards women liberation. Some of the ways the NGO uses to empower disabled women include starting organizations that assist women achieve financial stability. These organizations train disabled women in various technical jobs that provide them with self sustenance means. Another way through which the organization empowers women is by educating them on their rights. When women have knowledge of their rights, this gives them the power to fight for what they deserve in society. AWID also ensures that women with disabilities receive education since education is important in development. Apart from working on empowering women, AWID also has the responsibility of handling issues of race, class and gender. Gender discrimination is one of the problems affecting women and development. In most countries, discrimination is based on factors such as class and race. AWID deals with issues of gender discrimination by conducting educational forums that are aimed at eliminating racial and class biases. This is made possible when women are given chances to prove their ability by being elected as representatives of various movements. This proves that they are able hence they cannot be discriminated on the basis of gender, class or race (Chin, 2007). AWID’s Vision for the Future AWID is very optimistic regarding the future plans that it continues to come up with. The NGO intends to work with many other organizations in the world that value women living with disabilities and which are keen to change their lives. The NGO sees itself as an important organization through which women get their rights and gain freedom from the effects of gender discrimination. This enables them to take an active part in development activities. AWID is confident that through the numerous efforts of the organization, there is a bright future for women living with disabilities and other women who have suffered the negative effects of inequality and gender discrimination. The NGO is confident that with the support of governments and other willing advocacies, gender inequality wi ll be a thing of the past. Eventually, an era marked by respect for human rights for all and recognition of the fact that women can make a positive contribution towards development will emerge. Conclusion Women, disability and development are important issues that many countries take with a lot of seriousness. This is because women have been victims of gender inequality, discrimination and violation of their rights. This affects their capacity to contribute positively towards development. The situation becomes even worse for women living with disabilities since they cannot do much on their own. As a result, NGOs and advocacy organizations such as AWID have been on the forefront to fight for the rights of women and ensure that those living with disabilities get assistance. Through such organizations, women are given the chance to contribute positively towards development. References ADB. (2011). Fighting Poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Web. Chin, J. (2007). Women and leadership: tra nsforming visions and diverse voices. London: Wiley-Blackwell. Miusa. (2011). Women with Disabilities and Development. Web. Sweetman, C. (2004). Gender, development, and diversity. London: Oxfam. UN. (2008). Mainstreaming disability in the development agenda. Web. USAID. (2010). Women in Development. Web. Worldbank. (2011). Women with Disabilities in Development. Web. This essay on Women, Development and Disabilities was written and submitted by user Lilian Maxwell to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Meursault in “The Stranger” by Albert Camus Essay Essays

Meursault in â€Å"The Stranger† by Albert Camus Essay Essays Meursault in â€Å"The Stranger† by Albert Camus Essay Paper Meursault in â€Å"The Stranger† by Albert Camus Essay Paper Essay Topic: The Stranger Life is fantastic. but besides hard. We struggle to happen the significance in our lives. but we can non carry through it. There are many sorts of ideas or doctrines of life ; some think that life is already determined by God or destiny when they were born. while others think that they decide what they do by themselves. In â€Å"the stranger† . Albert Camus creates Meursault as a supporter. who does non believe about anything profoundly. Because of that. he can non truly bask his life. However. eventually. he thinks about his life when he faces decease ; he genuinely realized how to confront to the absurd universe. and therefore becomes Camus’ perfect experiential hero. Meursault is apathetic. and he thinks he absolutely enjoys each minute ; nevertheless. the world is he merely wastes clip and does non even know that. Meursault thinks that emotion is pathetic because people are controlled by it. and repent or experiencing sorry is a waste of clip. Therefore. even when he faces his mother’s decease. he does non experience anything. He does non hold involvement in his mother’s decease. so he does non even cognize when his female parent died. â€Å"Maman died today. Or yesterday possibly. I don’t know† ( 3 ) . Normally. one’s mother’s decease important and people think about their lives through her decease. Even though it is non his. and he knows that he can non happen it. he should believe about what his life means from the relationship between decease and life. However. it is possible that he does non care about it excessively much because he can non make anything in her decease. but he does non care about his matrimony. excessively. He has a girlfriend. named Marie. and when she asked him to acquire married with her. he was still apathetic. â€Å"Then she pointed out that matrimony was a serious thing. I said ‘No† ( 42 ) . He dos non cognize what is of import in life. It is non because he has different sense of values but because he does non care about anything earnestly. He has non had a large job in his manner. but his manner to populate is now job. When he takes Arab’s life off. he does non truly recognize what he did. Even when he was in the constabulary station. he does non understand what he did. therefore. † degree Celsius I was even traveling to agitate his manus. but I remembered that I had killed a man† ( 64 ) . He treats everything as a fact. so he does non truly hold an emotion. He thinks it is the manner to bask his life. but it makes his life more meaningless. He does non believe profoundly. Besides. he thinks decease is decease. so there is no hereafter after decease. Then. he shot the Arab four times more. but he does non cognize what it means. â€Å"Then I fired four more times at the motionless organic structure where the slugs lodged without go forthing a hint. And it was like strike harding four speedy times on the door of unhappiness† ( 59 ) . He does non experience good about hiting four more times. but it is non deserving decease at all. Taking human life is same as strike harding the door of sadness for him ; his manner to populate. which is without emotion makes his life atrocious subsequently. but at this clip. he does non understand anything. Life without emotion is easy because an emotion does non do sense. so he can do sense with everything in his life. However. it besides makes his life colorless. Because he is different from others. the society beats him ; the universe does non assist him. so he now has to make significance in his life by himself. When he is on test. he testifies candidly because he ever follows his bosom and does what he wants ; nevertheless. it does non suit the society. so people judge him from their subjective justness. @ @ When he candidly testifies about why he killed Arab. people did non listen earnestly. † curie blurted out that it was because of the Sun. Peoples laughed† ( 103 ) . Peoples do non understand him. and so they do non handle him as usual. They beat the alien ; there is cipher to assist him. Furthermore. they think they are right. so people rid from the society and do him look worse. The prosecuting officer does non desire Meursault to populate in the society. which the prosecuting officer lives and to hold the same human bosom. â€Å"He stated that I had no topographic point in a society whose most cardinal regulations I igno red and that I could non appeal to the same human bosom whose simple response I knew nil of† ( 102 ) . He denies Meursault’s human right. He should be in problem. but in the test. there are merely people who think they are normal and right. so they are the same as him. Therefore. they do non detect that the prosecuting officer is incorrect. Their personality is atrocious because there is no exclusion. Meursault thinks about this judgement and the â€Å"machinery of justice† ( 108 ) . It is precisely right. They follow their ain common sense. and treat him as a alien. The effect is a decease punishment. However. ironically. this state of affairs. which makes him confront decease and being cognizant that cipher helps him. makes him believe about his life and notice that he has to happen it by himself. Right before his decease. he realized the significance in life. Peoples do non cognize why they are populating. but they laugh at him because they think he is stupid and better than him ; nevertheless. ironically. he understands his life. When he accepts the absurd universe. he can make significance of his life ; there is no hereafter. so he has to believe about every individual minute carefully and bask it. Ironically. he does non hold clip any more. However. he thinks. â€Å"I had been happy and that I was happy again† ( 123 ) . Actually. he enjoys his life because he did non cognize that he has lived indifferently. His life is difficult for ordinary people to understand. but for him. it wholly makes sense. Furthermore. he understands everything now. so he feels felicity once more. Besides. he feels a sense of high quality because he knows that people who look down on him do non cognize. There are many thought about universe. and he wants to see the absurd universe. and demo them his manner to populate. â€Å"I had merely to wish that at that place be a big crowd of witnesss the twenty-four hours of my executing and that they greet me with calls of hate† ( 123 ) . He notices that cipher earnestly cares about him. but still they come to his executing. Playing the game is pathetic for him. but people can non populate without it. Cipher truly has a score against him. but they follow the others. Bing apart from society is chilling and entirely. so normally people can non make that. He besides feels that. so he wanted to decease in the crowd. Besides. he is proud of his life. so he wanted to demo how he lived. Now. he truly enjoys his life. The life is meaningless ; he realizes it when he faces decease. If people know that. they give up everything ; nevertheless. for Meursault. everything makes sense. There is no hint in the universe. so what he can make is making the significance by himself. Life is difficult because cipher helps him. but he decides everything and what he does has significance. He can bask his life to the full. so his life is fantastic. He has to bask his life while he is populating because there is nil after decease. There is no significance in the universe. so he creates it. Everything is to be happy.

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Biography of John W. Young

Biography of John W. Young John Watts Young (September 24, 1930 - January 5, 2018), was one of the best-known of NASAs astronaut corps. In 1972, he served as commander of the Apollo 16  mission to the moon and in 1982, he served as commander of the first-ever flight of the space shuttle Columbia. As the only astronaut to work aboard four different classes of spacecraft, he became known throughout the agency and the world for his technical skill and calm under pressure. Young was married twice, once to Barbara White, with whom he raised two children. After their divorce, Young married Susy Feldman. Personal Life John Watts Young was born in San Francisco to William Hugh Young and Wanda Howland Young. He grew up in Georgia and Florida, where he  explored nature and science as a Boy Scout. As an undergraduate at Georgia Institute of Technology, he studied aeronautical engineering and graduated in 1952 with highest honors. He entered the U.S. Navy straight out of college, eventually ending up in flight training. He became a helicopter pilot, and eventually joined a fighter squadron where he flew missions from the Coral Sea and the USS Forrestal. Young then moved to become a test pilot, as so many astronauts did, at Patuxent River and the Naval Test Pilot School. Not only did he fly a number of experimental aircraft, but he also set several world records while flying the Phantom II jet. Joining NASA In 2013, John Young published an autobiography of his years as a pilot and astronaut, called Forever Young. He told the story of his incredible career simply, humorously, and humbly. His NASA years, in particular, took this man- often referred to as an astronauts astronaut- from the Gemini missions of the early to mid-1960s to the Moon aboard Apollo, and eventually to the ultimate test pilot dream: commanding a shuttle to orbital space. Youngs public demeanor was that of a calm, sometimes wry, but always professional engineer and pilot. During his Apollo 16 flight, he was so laid-back and focused that his heart rate (being tracked from the ground) barely rose above normal. He was well-known for thoroughly examining a spacecraft or instrument and then zeroing in on its mechanical and engineering aspects, often saying, after a blizzard of questions, Im just asking... Gemini and Apollo John Young joined NASA in 1962, as part of Astronaut Group 2. His classmates were Neil Armstrong, Frank Borman, Charles Pete Conrad, James A. Lovell, James A. McDivitt, Elliot M. See, Jr, Thomas P. Stafford, and Edward H. White (who died in the Apollo 1 fire  in 1967). They were referred to as the New Nine and all but one went on to fly several missions over the next decades. The exception was Elliot See, who was killed in a T-38 crash. Youngs first of six flights to space came in March 1965 during the early Gemini era, when he piloted Gemini 3 in the first manned Gemini mission. The next year, in July 1966, he was the command pilot for Gemini 10 where he and teammate Michael Collins did the first double rendezvous of two spacecraft in orbit. When the Apollo missions began, Young was immediately tapped to fly the dress rehearsal mission that led to the first Moon landing. That mission was Apollo 10 and took place in May 1969, not quite two months before Armstrong and Aldrin made their historic trip. Young didnt fly again until 1972 when he commanded Apollo 16 and achieved the fifth human lunar landing in history. He walked on the Moon (becoming the ninth person to do so) and drove a lunar buggy across its surface. The Shuttle Years The first flight of the space shuttle Columbia required a special pair of astronauts: experienced pilots and trained space fliers. The agency chose John Young to command the maiden flight of the orbiter (which had never been flown to space with people aboard) and Robert Crippen as the pilot. They roared off the pad on April 12, 1981. The mission was the first manned one to use solid-fuel rockets, and its objectives were to get to orbit safely, orbit Earth, and then return to a safe landing on Earth, as an airplane does. Young and Crippens first flight was a success and made famous in an IMAX movie called Hail Columbia. True to his heritage as a test pilot, Young descended from the cockpit after landing and did a walk-around of the orbiter, pumping his fist in the air and inspecting the craft. His laconic responses during the post-flight press briefing were true to his nature as an engineering and pilot. One of his most-quoted lines answers was to a question about ejecting from the shuttle if there were problems. He simply said, You just pull the little handle. After the successful first flight of the space shuttle, Young commanded only one other mission- STS-9 again on Columbia. It carried the Spacelab to orbit, and on that mission, Young stepped into history as the first person to fly into space six times. He was supposed to fly again in 1986, which would have given him another space flight record, but the Challenger explosion delayed the NASA flight schedule for more than two years. In the aftermath of that tragedy, Young was very critical of NASA management for its approach to astronaut safety. He was removed from flight duty and assigned a desk job at NASA, serving in executive positions for the rest of his tenure. He never flew again, after logging more than 15,000 hours of training and preparations for nearly a dozen missions for the agency. After NASA John Young worked for NASA for 42 years, retiring in 2004. He had already retired from the Navy with the rank of captain years earlier. Yet, he remained active in NASA affairs, attending meetings and briefings at the Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston. He made occasional public appearances to celebrate important milestones in NASA history and also made appearances at specific space gatherings and a few educators meetings but otherwise remained largely out of the public eye until his death. John Young Clears the Tower for the Final Time Astronaut John W. Young died from complications of pneumonia on January 5, 2018. In his lifetime, he flew more than 15,275 hours in all kinds of aircraft, and nearly 900 hours in space. He earned many awards for his work, including the Navy Distinguished Service Medal with Gold Star, the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, the NASA Distinguished Service Medal with three oak leaf clusters, and NASA Exceptional Service Medal. He is a fixture in several aviation and astronaut halls of fame, has a school and planetarium named for him, and received Aviation Weeks Philip J. Klass award in 1998. John W. Youngs fame extends well beyond his flight time to books and movies. He will always be remembered for his integral role in space exploration history.

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Statistical Quantitive Methods Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Statistical Quantitive Methods - Essay Example marketing manager has indicated that she wants to know how long it takes Internet users to access your company’s internet screen, since there is concern it is taking too long and deterring interest. You have asked colleagues and friends at a variety of other organisations to access your own company’s web site and keep a careful record of how long it took them to get into the company’s home page. i. Explain which measure(s) of average and dispersion you would suggest using for this data and the reasons for your preference. You are required to justify the choice of the Statistical Quantities made and calculate these quantities. Other statistical tools that would best describe this data are standard deviation, Measure of skewness and kurtosis. The standard deviation will tell a manger how tight various samples are clustered around the mean giving him the cohesiveness of the data he has. Measures of skewness and kurtosis give a visual analysis of the data that the manager can use to draw quick conclusions. III a) The Quality Control department of TV tube manufacturer has observed that on an average out of every 10000 tubes produced, 5 are found to be defective. If a sample of 20 bulbs is selected, what is the probability that non are defective. What is the probability that for the same sample size that at least two are defective? We know that probability is a long term relative frequency so that every probability of an occurrence of an event corresponds a function in distribution. Using this concept we can find the average (mean) number of defective bulbs then we can get the number of defective bulbs in 20 bulbs then reconvert to probability. b) A consultancy firm submits three proposals for consideration by three different clients. It considers that the chances of the proposals being accepted are 0.5, 0.3 and 0.25 respectively .what is the probability